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  • Female Muscovy Ducks


    Our Female Muscovy Ducks can lay up to 195 eggs per year, over a 40-week season. The breeding season for the Female Muscovy starts in August and through to May. The egg production of these ducks can be increased by…

  • male muscovy duck

    Male Muscovy Ducks


    Our male Muscovy Ducks can grow up to 15 pounds and 34 inches. They are almost twice the size of the female Muscovy and the biggest duck in the world. Muscovy drakes are a good meat choice. For meat purposes,…

  • Muscovy duck eggs for sale

    Muscovy Duck Eggs


    Our Muscovy eggs for sale are jumbo-sized eggs that weigh nearly three ounces. Our eggs are stored in a cooler at our hatchery, giving you the freshest of eggs for your specific needs.  You can use these eggs for hatching;…

  • muscovy duck starter pack- ducks in pen (1)

    Muscovy Duck Starter Pack


    Wondering what you need to get started raising your ducklings? Shirlock Acres offers a duck starter pack, so you have all you need to raise your own ducklings successfully. Our starter pack includes the following items for your ducks: Heat…

  • pekin ducklings for sale

    Pekin Ducklings for Sale


    Interested in ducks for both meat and egg production? Take a look at our Pekin Ducklings for Sale! These popular ducks are great meat producers and very friendly, so they could be a great option for your farm. Contact us…

  • Straight Run Muscovy Ducks


    Shirlock Acres hatchery is a Muscovy duck hatchery that sells Muscovy ducklings and Muscovy eggs. We ship our Muscovy products anywhere in the United States.  Contact us if you are interested in larger orders. We would be happy to help…