Pekin Ducklings for Sale


Interested in ducks for both meat and egg production? Take a look at our Pekin Ducklings for Sale! These popular ducks are great meat producers and very friendly, so they could be a great option for your farm.

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*All ducks are shipped as ducklings*

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Pekin ducks are very docile and can grow quite large. Mature Pekin drakes weigh around 10 lbs, while the hens weigh around 9 lbs. Because the drakes grow large very quickly, they are great meat producers. Though pekin ducklings are much smaller and lighter than adult ducks, they grow quickly and gain substantial weight in a few months after hatching.


Pekin ducks are very friendly, maybe even the friendliest breed of duck. They love to be petted by their owners, especially those raising them as pets or for egg production. Handling Pekin ducklings from an early age can help them become conditioned to being touched and handled as they grow older.

Despite their relatively noisy behavior, Pekin ducks are known for their adaptability and cautious nature. They are commonly raised alongside other duck breeds and poultry due to their generally friendly demeanor. Their cautiousness and alertness make them excellent free rangers, as they are quick to detect and respond to potential threats in their environment. This behavior helps them to stay safe and maintain their well-being in various outdoor settings.

Meat Production

Pekin ducks are a multi-purpose duck breed that produces decent eggs and meat. Their dark meat is an abundant protein source, known for its distinct, delicious flavor.

Pekin ducks are ready for slaughtering at around six weeks old. On average, the meat from a Pekin duck weighs approximately six pounds. Some Pekin drakes can weigh over 11 pounds, producing a large quantity of delicious dark meat. Pekin ducks have a rapid weight gain, implying that their attributes make people raise them exclusively for meat.

These ducks are less expensive to raise for meat because they mature quickly so you won’t spend much on duck feed. The influx of Pekin duck meat in restaurants and homesteads proves that Pekin ducks are terrific meat producers.

Egg Production

Pekin hens lay 200 to 300 eggs annually. These ducks are known to lay extra-large white eggs. Pekin hens start laying when they are between five and six months old. Like other poultry, cold weather affects their laying cycle. Decent lighting in the coop is crucial for providing your Pekin hens with enough daylight.

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