Muscovy Duck Eggs


Our Muscovy eggs are jumbo-sized eggs that weigh nearly three ounces. Our eggs are stored in a cooler at our hatchery, giving you the freshest of eggs for your specific needs.  You can use these eggs for hatching, therefore, by purchasing these Muscovy duck eggs, you can hatch these eggs to get Muscovy ducklings that will keep producing eggs for you for up to three years.

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Muscovy ducks can lay up to 195 eggs per year over a 40-week season. The Muscovy duck eggs have a harder shell compared to other ducks. Having a nice spacious environment is crucial to the Muscovy ducks when it comes to laying eggs. If they feel crowded, they might start getting stressed and high levels of stress can cause them to stop producing eggs. A good diet is also a factor in producing healthy eggs.

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