Domestic Muscovy Duck

Shirlock Acres is a domestic Muscovy duck farm that sells Muscovy ducks, Muscovy ducklings, and Muscovy eggs. We ship and provide our services nationwide. If you’re looking for Muscovy ducks, whether for meat or to have them as companions and pets, we have got what you’re looking for. We also provide Muscovy hybrid ducks.

Muscovy Ducks are domesticated in Europe but were discovered in Brazil. The Muscovy ducks, also known as Cairina Moscato, are the only domestic ducks that are not descended from the mallard.


At Shirlock Acres, we incubate and hatch our own Muscovy eggs. Our Muscovy ducklings are fast-growing, growing to 12 pounds in 12 weeks. The male domestic Muscovy duck, also known as a Muscovy drake, grows up to 15 pounds, making it nearly twice the size of the white Muscovy hens. Our Muscovy ducklings will start laying eggs when they’re about six months (25 weeks) old. They will continue to lay their eggs for three years or even longer if they’re well cared for and fed a rich-protein diet. When the Muscovies are laying their eggs, keeping a distance from them is best because they become very protective.


If you want to grow your domestic Muscovy duck and have a family of Muscovies, the best property is no smaller than one-quarter acre. Muscovy ducks are social animals, so they require bigger spaces. This will help them feel less stressed and enhance their relationships with other ducks. It will also help increase the production of their eggs and prevent them from bad habits such as plucking their feathers.


Cairina Moschatas are a great source of meat. Their meat is 98% fat-free, so it is less greasy than other duck meat. Dark Muscovy meat is lean, tender, and has lots of flavors. It has 50% more breasts than other ducks and the highest yield of any duck. The meat also has fewer calories per pound than a turkey. Serve this juicy and tender meat with any meal you prefer, and enjoy the flavorful Muscovy.


Muscovy ducks are also great for pets and companionship. If raised from the duckling stage, they can become domestic Muscovy ducks. They are easy to care for and require no more than a great dry environment with regular food and water. Muscovy ducks are friendly; sometimes they even try to “talk” to you when they want a treat. And when they are happy to see you, they wag their tails. In addition, Muscovy ducks do not quack; they are quieter than other ducks. The male drake hisses while the female Muscovy has a quiet trilling coo.

Beware of the claws on their feet, which can be dangerous.

Duck Starter Pack

Are you wanting to start your own flock of ducks, but aren’t sure where to begin? We have just the thing for you! Take a look at our duck starter pack, which comes equipped with all the main components you need to take care of ducklings! The pack includes a heat lamp, feeder, waterer, 5 lbs of feed, and a short section of brooder to make a pen for your ducklings! All you have to do is provide the bedding for your ducks, which could be straw, shavings, or something similar. Add this to your next duck order!


Our farm is dedicated to hatching and raising Muscovy ducks for you either for meat purposes or as pets. Check out our reviews from our satisfied customers. get your Muscovy ducks or eggs and become part of the Muscovy family!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I ordered a dozen muscovy duck eggs. They arrived quickly and were very well packaged. This was my first time incubating eggs and I used a very cheap incubator manufactured in china so I wasn’t expecting great results. 11 of the 12 hatched and are healthy happy ducks now. As a comparison, I ordered 8 eggs from another company at the same time and incubated the Freedom Ranger and the others altogether. Only 5 of 8 hatched from the other company. Freedom Ranger was better packaged, arrived faster, and had a much higher hatch rate.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’m SO excited over these beauties.
Everything I’ve researched concerning these meat birds is ALL A+. I haven’t heard a negative word yet and can’t wait until fall when processing starts.
I’ll be getting back to the reviews after I roast my first bird.👍
The customer service is wonderful and very informative. Extremely helpful & kind.
Gene K.
muscovy ducklings


Order your Muscovy ducks online and we will ship them to you. Our online orders and shipments require a minimum of 15 Muscovy ducks. For orders less than 15 Muscovies, please visit our farm to pick up your product. We provide shipping treatments on the wings for your Muscovies, to prevent them from flying.

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