Female Muscovy Ducks


Our Female Muscovy Ducks can lay up to 195 eggs per year, over a 40-week season. The breeding season for the Female Muscovy starts in August and through to May. The egg production of these ducks can be increased by giving them artificial light during wintertime in order to increase the amount of “daylight”.

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Female Muscovy ducklings will start laying eggs at the age of 25 weeks, about six months old. They will continue to lay eggs for about 3 years or even longer if they’re fed the right diet. To ensure that you get quality Muscovy eggs and ducklings, make sure to feed your ducks a good diet.

Domestic Female Muscovy Ducks usually have yellow legs, pink bills, and pale eyes. The female Muscovy duck tail is more pointed than that of a male.

Get your female Muscovy ducks today and start your own Muscovy farm journey. These ducks are easy to maintain. They are mostly free-range and will eat anything from bugs to grass.

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